Engage Smarter

Making financial services more engaging.

We create technology and algorithms to help firms uncover the real financial needs of consumers.

What we do.

Building tools to uncover real financial needs.

Our mission is to help consumers untangle their own financial needs, and understand which services and firms can support them.

Financial needs are broad, complex and confusing: managing budgets and debt, protecting the family, increasing savings, and preparing for retirement.

It becomes even more complicated when we consider interactions with the tax and benefits systems.

Asking only what is relevant.

Requests for irrelevant information in forms or on the phone is frustrating, and disengaging for consumers.  It is also sub-optimal from a data privacy perspective.

We create smart algorithms to work out which critical questions to ask a consumer next.  You focus in on requesting only the relevant information you need given what you already know about this consumer. 

The goal online, is to save the consumer time, and give them a more engaging and intelligent experience.

In a call centre environment, asking only the right questions creates a more effective and personalised phone interaction.

Man looking at bulbs

Creating value from deeper customer relationships.

Helping new and existing customers better engage with their financial needs provides both a social benefit and a business benefit for firms. 

Existing customers have broader needs than are served by the current product they have been sold. Smarter engagement can improve retention, cross-sell, up-sell, and referrals with the right customers.

Most new prospects are not ready to buy today, but are exploring their needs and options. Firms that support this stage well are in pole position make a good offer when this customer is actually ready to buy.


Supporting less confident consumers.

Distribution through banks, agencies, brokers and online channels works well enough for consumers that are confident in their needs or have the resources to pay for advice.

The majority of consumers are less confident and are not well served today. The industry finds it uneconomic to serve them with advice or solid guidance. 

These are the consumers we need to help the most, providing the companies that serve them with cost-effective tools to help them engage with their real financial needs.

Advice discussion

Making staff more effective.

Technology can deliver simple advice today.  But complex advice still requires human expert oversight.

Tools and technology make this a more effective process by collecting the right data from the consumer in an engaging way.  Today we can make preliminary recommendations safely to the human advisor, who applies their own expertise and responsibility for the ultimate advice decision. 

Customer-facing staff get to spend more time on the high-value interactions with customers.

Our value add.

Engaged customers

Improve your customer interactions, starting with a clearer understanding of their needs and value potential.

Easy to Build

Simple, secure and well-documented APIs, making it easy to prototype solutions in just a few days.

Lower Costs

Scalable personalised interactions for your customers, and better efficiency for your customer-facing staff.

Our Services.

Helping firms to connect consumers with their financial needs.

Customer strategy

Are we making the most of our existing customer-base?

How do I prioritise the initiatives to improve customer outcomes or commercial outcomes?



What valuable insights can I get about my customers, from my data and from public data?

How do I create a holistic view of a customer using data and models?

Customer journeys

Supporting design, build and deployment of smarter customer journeys and guidance.

Smart digital lead generation from the existing customer base or strategic partners.


APIs and models for your developers to plug into – easy to use and well documented.

Enterprise-grade production service on AWS.

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